Far left protests far too much

To the editor:

It seems to me Hillary just can’t take a hint. She has come out of the wilderness to announce she is going to be an activist in the resistance. Just what we need, another voice screaming their outrage that a progressive Democrat lost the presidential election to an old-school Democrat running as a Republican.

Some folks wonder why I say Trump is an old-school Democrat. As a rich business man trying to curry favors with politicians, he was a Clinton donor and supporter. As a political campaigner, his platform was pretty much in line with old-school Democrats.

As a non-politician who could see our country was in serious trouble, he ran on a platform of creating jobs, bringing jobs back to America, strengthening the military, securing the border, putting America first in our trade agreements and putting Americans first in line for available jobs. Worthy and lofty goals all. Something you might expect John Kennedy, a Democrat, to say.

What is it with all these resistance protests? Is it because Trump is actually trying to fulfill his campaign promises? It seems like there is such hatred of Trump among the sore losers’ club, they don’t want him to be allowed any success whatsoever.

I don’t expect these protests to stop any time soon. It seems like a well organized and financed conglomeration of far-left leaning people, with a shared hatred of Trump and his supporters.

I think these people are just totally upset and refuse to believe that the country rejected their far-left ideology in the last election. (one exception being our own state).

They seem to think if they just annoy people long enough, maintain a loud righteous, hateful anger long enough, the rest of the country will come to agree with them and put them back in power.

Tony Towle
Long Prairie