White lives don’t matter?

To the editor:

How long do we have to wait for an answer or excuse for the shooting of the woman by a Muslim police officer? Would the public tolerate such a travesty if it were a black man shot by a white officer?

Who made the decision to pay off the mother of Philando Castile and where did the money come from? Did they pay Castile’s mother to hush the protestors and avoid riots? The jury has made its decision.

These questions are not being asked by the media because of their agenda, it is obvious.

Why is the media manufacturing fake news to stifle and confuse and frustrate citizens?

We had to live with the O.J. Simpson verdict and were expected to live with that decision.

No wonder trust in the major media is gone. Look for the truth, Fox news is best.

Don’t let them win.

Kevin Hall, Albany